Insurance Companies

Here at Perfect Repair Ltd, we operate to such high standards that we are the body shop of choice for motorhome and caravan owners residing throughout the UK. 

 We have even carried out work for international clients, as we have an outstanding reputation that speaks before us. Whilst some of the work we undertake is paid for privately, the majority is settled by the client’s insurance company.

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What to do should you need us

If your motorhome or caravan requires body repairs, then the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company to see if the repair work will be covered under your policy. 

Perfect Repair Ltd is a company that is well known to many insurance companies, so you should mention us to your insurer if you would like us to carry out the work and restore your pride and joy to its original condition.

The next step

Once the claim has been lodged with the insurance company, we will produce an estimate and send this to you to forward to your insurer. Alternatively, we can liaise directly with the insurance company if you would like us to. 

 The job will then be authorised by the insurance company, giving us the go-ahead to commence the work. 

 At this point, you can either bring your motorhome or caravan to our body shop in Besthorpe, Norfolk, or we can arrange a collection. Please note that as our collection and delivery service is an add-on option, the cost of this service should be discussed with the insurance company and authorised prior to any work commencing.

If you would like a reputable company like Perfect Repair Ltd to carry out any body repairs to your caravan or motorhome, then please notify your insurance company and contact us on 01603511696 to obtain an estimate.