Scratch & Dent Repair

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Gone are the days of you taking your car to a bodyshop to have some scratches or dents repaired. We can repair these from your home or business, and typically our repairs are completed in less than a day.

Have a look through some of the repairs we’ve carried out below.

Bumper Paint Repair 1
Bumper Paint Repair 2
Bumper Paint Repair 3
Bumper Paint Repair 4
Bumper Paint Repair 5
Bumper Paint Repair 6
Rear Bumper Repair Sport 1
Rear Bumper Repair Sport 2
Rear Bumper Repair Sport 3
Rear Bumper Repair Sport 4
Avensis Paint Repair 1
Avensis Paint Repair 2
Avensis Paint Repair 3
Avensis Paint Repair 4
Bumper Scuff Repair 1
Bumper Scuff Repair 2
Bumper Scuff Repair 3
Bumper Scuff Repair 4
Wing Repaint 1
Wing Repaint 2
Wing Repaint 3
Wing Repaint 4
Door Repair 1
Door Repair 2
Door Repair 3
Door Scratch Repair 1
Door Scratch Repair 2
BMW Bumper Repair 1
BMW Bumper Repair 2

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